Labor force lending

Businesses are imposed huge labor costs by Hungarian legal regulations. However an enterprise cannot be imagined without living manpower, labor force lending could mean in certain cases a fast and cost efficient solution.


Labor force lending is such a form of employment where an employer (Borrower) a labor force lender company (Lender) makes an agreement with the employee and employer's administration is managed by the Lender,  employer's administration (entry and leaving a company,

management with authorities,  paying wages etc.) but work is done at the employer's company, direction, control are all in the hand of the employer. Work time, work order, lunch time, duties are determined by him.


Clean Star Complex LLC volunteers to provide the requested number and competence of employees by the deadline, after fast recruitment and professional selection is provided at your disposal.

Building industry

The leading sphere of activity of our company are the general construction, and the undertaking and carrying out of renovations and completion of construction works

Cleaning, carpet cleaning

Other dominant sphere of activity of our company based on the cleaning of institutions, and the capret and upholstery cleaning